Barbaro Farms Visits 4-02

Mr. Barbaro from Barbaro Farms came to visit our class.  We had the opportunity to learn some very interesting facts about chickens and how to raise them.  Then, we got to ask our own questions.  The students really enjoyed this hands-on learning experience.  Thank you to Mr. Barbaro for sharing his flock with us!

Math Benchmark Test

Dear Students,

Today you will be taking a math benchmark test that will cover ALL fourth grade skills that will be taught this year.  This will allow me to better plan my instruction for Math.  I do NOT expect you to know how to do all of these problems.  Try your best, but don’t get frustrated if you don’t know how to do a problem.

Please click on the link below and then enter your first and last name.


“Where’s the Setting?” – Inference Station

Read the paragraph below. Answer the two questions in complete sentences at the end of the post in your comment. Label your answers “Question 1” and “Question 2”.

Sam was looking out of his window and all that he could see was water all around him. He was ready to be back on land where he wouldn’t feel the constant rocking back and forth that made him feel sick. The only thing that he had to eat for days was fish because that was the only thing that he could catch.

Question 1: Where is Sam?

Question 2: What evidence did you find that helped you make an inference about the setting of the story?