I signed up for an Animoto for Education account recently and just got approved!  The best part about this new account is that it is free for educators and their students.  This new account will allow my students to create videos to show what they have learned.  As I mentioned before, I have submitted a DonorsChoose project for digital cameras.  My students will be able to take pictures and then use them to explain what they have learned in video format.  This will change the face of my Science, Social Studies, and even Math teaching.  The possibilites are endless. 

Since I was just approved for this account, I had to try it out.  These are pictures that I took while in our Nation’s capital and nearby Baltimore.  Let me know what you think!

Donors Choose

DSC09078I recently submitted a project to a great website called DonorsChoose.org. This non-profit organization is a great resource for all teachers. Teachers can create an acccount and then search an online catalog of classroom materials. Once you have choosen your materials you simply create a project description and submit the project for approval. Family, friends, businesses, and community members can then view the projects and donate to your cause. Once your project is funded, you receive the materials and simply complete a thank-you package for your donors.
I am so excited about the opportunities this project will open for my new students at Riverwood! “The World Around Us” is my DonorsChoose project, which asks for 4 digital cameras for our classroom this year. The students will be able to use these cameras on a daily basis to capture memories and the world around us. Learning is everywhere and these cameras will allow my students to learn the use of technology and then use the pictures to connect our daily learning through critical thinking and writing. Check out my project and if you feel inspired, donate to the cause!

Classroom Theme

I looked up yesterday and realized that the summer is almost over and the work must begin. My first task would be to decide on a theme for the classroom. While searching the Net, I found many great sites that have pictures to go along with the descriptions. One of the best was Real Classroom Ideas. I decided that I am going with a camping theme! My mind has been running with ideas but I welcome yours too! I plan to use this theme all year and really play up it, from my decor to my daily routines and procedures. I think I may even create a way to give badges to students for different accomplishments throughout the year. Give me your thoughts and ideas!

Hello World!

So, I have finally made my foray into the blogging world!  I am so excited about all the options that have just opened to myself and my students.  I have alot to learn about blogging, but I know that all the pros out there will help me out.  My friend Jessica has given me a crash course and now I am up and running.  Check back often to see what new things I am learning to do!