Going Green – But How??

  We have all heard the buzz words “Going Green”, ” Environmentally Conscious”, “Conservation”.  Sure they are great words, but what do they mean, and how can little ole me help SAVE the Planet?  I am just one person; I can’t make a difference, can I? YES I can.

Here is a short list of little things that make a BIG difference:

1.  Water your lawn early in the morning, or in the late evening.

2.  Turn off lights and electronic devices when you are not using them.

3.  Plant trees and flowers in your yard and community.

4. Lower your thermostat just a few degrees.

5.  Take short showers or a bath to save water.

6.  Wash clothes in cold water and hang them up to dry to use less energy.

7.  Walk or ride your bike to work!  If this isn’t an option for you, get an office carpool together.  It will save you money and help save the planet!  Win-Win!

So, now that we all know a few things we can do to “Go Green” or become “Environmentally Conscious”, I want to hear from you!

What do you do that helps Mother Earth?


Registration is now open for “GOT TECH 2012″, the summer technology camp for students who will be entering grades 4-8 in the fall of 2012.  This year’s theme is “Going Green”!  Students who attend the camp will take a field trip to one of Memphis’ area nature centers.  On this field trip, students will view the world through the “lens” of Going Green.  The photos and videos collected on the trip will be used to complete various projects throughout the week.

The hands-on GOT TECH 2012 experiences include:

* Animation

* Cartooning

* Blogging

* Field Trip

* Word Clouds

* Video Production

* Digital Photography

* eBook Creation


This camp is FREE for students who attend Memphis City and Shelby County schools.  Dates are June 4-8, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on the campuses of Hamilton Middle School, Hickory Ridge Middle School, Kate Bond Middle School and Riverwood Elementary School.


Additional information and online registration can be found at:  http://goo.gl/FAyDM or visit the Memphis City School’s GOT TECH website for more information.